In the past several years, alkaline water usage has been evident due to its countless benefits. There are numerous people confessing what they've encountered from drinking the water and even recommended it to others. Now, what is alkaline water? ”Alkaline” stands for the pH level of the water. The lower the value, the more acidic the water is.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water

There are various gains identified with the aid of alkaline water. However, the most typical is its ability to alter the pH level of the body, leading to different health improvements. Based from various studies, sipping alkaline water in a span of 3 to 6 months can boost one’s health condition including hypertension, increased cholesterol and diabetes. Adding to that, the properties of alkaline water is good in neutralizing acid in the stomach and is useful to avoid acid reflux.

Main origin of Alkaline water

It has been a puzzle to many individuals where this water comes from. Alkaline water is all natural coming from the streams, when water passes the rocks, it loses its acidity. This water source is not available to all that is why many firms came up with an idea, which is to introduce bottled alkaline water to the people. The usual tap or filtered water in our homes have between 6 to 7 pH levels, which is very acidic whereas the bottled ones have 8.5 pH level, which is less acidic. Because of this, people are shifting from tap water to it.

Water Ionizing machine

Russian scientist invested in producing water ionizing machines for the purpose of making alkaline water more accessible to everybody. These are great for people who wants to have their own source of alkaline water. Electrolysis is the procedure used in order for this machine to make alkaline water. The process is to separate the acidic portion of the water to those that are not. Alkaline water will then pour to fill your glass of water while the acidic part goes down the drain. The great thing with ionizing machine is the fact that you can change the pH level of water from 8, 8.5 to 9.5.

Explanations why you should get your self a water ionizing machine

 Though this advanced machinery does not come cheap, it is worth all the money you're going to spend. Having a good health is the main advantage you could get from this machine thus it is really a good investment. When you still have question on it, try looking at these reasons provided below.

 First, it is a fact that most people have an acidic bodies. Good thing that alkaline water does wonders in stabilizing your bloods pH level. The function of it does not work directly with the blood, but it strengthens the alkaline level of the body enable for you to have a great level of blood’s pH. We must maintain a pH level of 7.365 so that our body won't compromise the use of other minerals, which are also required to other functions.

Second, the anti-oxidant property of ionized water helps in neutralizing free radicals in the body. Stress is the main cause of getting unsound cells, and these unstable cells will take normal electrons from other cells which vary from a chain reaction. So when you're in state of depression, consuming this water will help make your cells stable.
Not only that, people tend to consume flavored refreshments like soda and tea than water because tap or filtered water’s taste is not refreshing. Having said that, our bodies are expected to be improperly hydrated.  On the other hand, ionized water contains properties that are essential compared to  filtered water that's the reason why opting it is always the best solution.

70% of the humnan body is comprised of water. That is the major reason why we need to keep good level of water in our body so we can avoid getting various illnesses. Consuming alkaline or ionized water is quite advantageous because the water molecules are smaller, so they can easily penetrate the cells.